Society for Advanced Academic Research and Development

Modes Of Presentation

Oral Presentation:

Oral Contributions will be the main part of sessions at SAARD. Sessions will take place in parallel with a duration of 90 minutes. Each session will contain six speakers and opportunities for in depth discussions. Please note that oral presentation should last no longer than 10-15 minutes (Including 2 mins. for questions). Please be considerate to your fellow presenters and ensure you will not go over the presentation time limit- question and discussion time will be scheduled for each session, as well numerous social events to allow you more time outside of the sessions to share greater details according to your interests.

Poster Presentation:

You will given 20-30 minutes (maximum) for your poster presentation. Please note that your presentation must be in English language. You can bring your poster printed on the A1 size paper and display it in the conference, or you can also use powerPoint, whichever is more convenient to you . For powerPoint presentation, we request you to kindly bring it on your own USB/memory stick. You do not need to email us your presentation copies. However, please note that each delegate will be given internet access during the conference.

Virtual Presentation:

In exceptional circumstances, we can also offer you an opportunity to present your paper using technological means such as Skype video conference. However, your request is subject to approval by the Conference committee.


Each Delegate will be given a wifi code to use internet connection during the conference. (Subject to availability at Venue.)